Thursday, January 15, 2009


"You wanted me, here I am"

"And you did not disappoint me .You and me are two of a kind... The outer world has rules and schemes. For them , you and me... we are outcasts. They might need us now, but when they are done..they will cast us out like lepers. All of society's rules,regulations and questions, they are a bad joke...they leave a bad taste in the mouth.Why worry about them??"

"Why do you want to kill me ?? Why has it come to this ?? Why do you want to leave me ??"

"Kill you ?? Leave you ??? Ha ha ha ha :) What would I do without you?? Go back to life the way it was ?? are a part of me.... YOU COMPLETE ME !!"

"You are not what I made you out to are someone who toys with unplayable things and kills the soul for fun..."

"Do not try to talk like one of them...You are not.....Even if you try to be one... You are truly incorruptible aren't you ??? You believe in true emotions.... This is what happens when an indestructible force meets an immovable object."

"My heart just showed you that it is full of emotions ready to believe in what is good and true and I will not yield, I will not give up....."

"Not when it has been battered and destroyed beyond repair...You did not surely think that I would risk my heart in an emotional tryst with you ?? No, I had my ace up my sleeve. I took your heart and brought it down a see sadness is like push and you go over the edge :). I think that you and I are destined to do this forever :)"

"It cannot be like this....

It will not be like this.... I did my own heart in... I killed my own soul.... sometimes the truth is not enough.... sometimes you have to be the person you do not deserve but you rather need.... sometimes you have to repay people's trust... sometimes you need to reward their faith... I am not a hero or a lover...

I am a guardian, a silent angel... you will condemn me, you will set the dogs on me... but I will always be there... I am the person you do not deserve but you need...a knight...shining...I am your eternal dark love....."