Thursday, July 31, 2008


Something tender….yes….these are the two words I would use to describe love. Love has infinite worshippers. Love baptizes new souls every single day. Love is a buffet with several exotic flavors: Love can be passionate, love can be platonic, love can be sisterly, brotherly, fatherly and motherly. Love can be psychotic, love can be obsessive, love can be your life………. Love brands you with a red hot iron. It comes with it’s share of responsibilities. Only if you pass love’s test….are you a truly lovely person.

I am an apprentice of love. In the earlier stages of my life, I used to think that love is all candy sweet and that there is no pain involved. I was wrong like any other young person floating on romance novels and castles in the air. People ask me if I have truly experienced love. Now that is a tough cookie to chew on…It is easier to eat cow dung than to find true love if you know what I mean….The secret to finding true love is that you do not go looking for it, it will find you. I know this statement has been said again and again but I have recently grasped the full meaning of it. I had gone looking for love. At one point of time I assumed that I had found it but I was utterly wrong. Despondent I gave up. But then out of the branded me in a way that I will never forget.

I met a sweet girl who changed my life forever. I met her using one of the most controversial elements of the 21st century…ORKUT…hardly the place to find true love some might say.. yes…Even I had thought up the same thing. But how wrong can one be…As our friendship grew, we discovered that we had some similar tastes. We decided to give telephonic conversations and short messaging services [sms] a try. I discovered that everything I wanted in the woman of my dreams was present in her character. She was honest enough to point out my flaws and kind enough to praise me when I achieved some small goals. The proof of a genuine character is very simple. If the person criticizes you for your flaws privately but supports you publicly then that person is definitely your well wisher. She rang true in every way and made me grow more attached to her with every passing day. An unspoken kind of attachment developed between us and before I knew it we had professed our feelings for one another. I was still a bit raw at that point of time…I was still unsure if this was what I wanted, but now looking back at the past, I can safely say that yes was what I wanted. I am self obsessed by nature. She pointed it out and I will be indebted to her for the rest of my life. She made me realize that in love one has to put the other person before oneself. She made me realize that a caring word or line binds the two individuals together. She made me realize that one should be original and honest and transparent. She made me realize that one can feel the pain the other half is going through if the feelings are true enough….Wow…that’s a lot of realizations. Enough to mould me as a person for the better. The greatest thing she made me accept is that in a relationship you should not consider changing yourself to adjust to each other, rather you should accommodate these features as positive plates to your character armour.

You must be wondering why I am boring you with my equally boring love story…After all there are better love stories to read aren’t there??? Romeo and Juliet, Beauty and the Beast etc. etc. but hopeless romantics like me always have a story to tell, experiences to share. We hope to spread love and inspire people who have not tasted it, not to lose hope. Love is just around the corner. Just take a blind turn and bump into it. This particular blog is dedicated to that special woman. It may not be enough but it is honest and it has emerged from the truest depths of my heart…If you are reading this….Thank you for being there for me and I sincerely hope that our’s is a small but successful story of true love….

To the rest of my readers I say that feel free and happy. All of us are burdened with the tensions and strains of everyday life. If you are not in love, shiver with happy anticipation because one day you will surely find it. To the darkest pessimistic I would say…stop being a wuss and wait for love to strike and yes….please do welcome it…maybe that will change some of your views.

I hope that I have made you see my take on love….for the stern purists who are wondering why I haven’t put exclamation marks in the right place…. I plead guilty. My keyboard’s button is out of order. Until the next time…stay lovely and pardon me for my grammatical errors.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Touchy....that's what this topic really is.A lot has been been said about it.Huge amounts of pages have been devoted to it by the print media.Everybody has an opinion on this topic. Everyone has something to say about it.This topic creates instant awareness. Our ears perk up like those of a dog and we are on full alert when somebody speaks about it.My personal gut feeling is that this immortal subject cannot be labeled as a topic which can be classified as RIGHT or WRONG.It is like a coin.Let us take heads to be right and tails to be wrong.When you flip the coin you never know which side is going to show up....

In today's society which moves faster than a dog with it's tail on fire,pre-marital sex is a big deal for some and cow dung for the others.I support both the classes,not because I am a dastard diplomat but because the pros and cons of both these classes intrigue me.

Firstly I will look at the case of the people who are in favor of pre marital sex.The common reasons given for indulging in pre marital sex are:
  • I love the person so much that I am sure..I will be spending the rest of my life with the person.
  • What's the harm in having some fun???
  • I separate lust and love when I am having sex...I do it just because I favor lust.
  • I did not know what I was doing!!!
  • What is the harm in experimenting???

Well some of the reasons are authentic.Sometimes we lose our heads in the heat and passion of the moment,sometimes we do it just for fun and sometimes ....just sometimes we do it to express our love.Women are those who suffer from casual pre marital sex because they tend to attach themselves to the person they share the bed with....but nowadays even they seem to be ready for one night stands.Our Indian society which still heavily banks on arranged marriages has a lot of reservations about women who have lost their virginity.Hypocritical some might say...but then that is the way it is.Old Hindi movies tend to support this point with their melodramatic dialogs."Main tumhare bachche ki maa banne waali hoon!!!" or "Ab main tumhe chod kar kisi aur se shaadi nahi karoonga!!!". Spare us please..... The point is it will always remain a tabooed topic amongst the older generation while the generation next is trying to embrace it.I would like to make my closing statement about this case saying that.......indulge in it only if both the individuals are ready to face the consequences.Do not let other people suffer and bear the brunt of your act.....If you are mature enough to have sex must be mature enough to give this statement a thought.

Now the other case...People who condemn pre marital sex put forth the following views...
  • What if the girl gets pregnant???
  • My parents would kill/disown me.
  • I am impotent....(Now this is a offense meant).
  • It is best for our lives.
  • What will other people think???
I may have missed some important points,but the above I think are the most common ones.Well some of them are right.If the girl gets pregnant...she will either have to abort the child or face hell from her parents or find her life ruined in today's world or bravely give birth to the child and become a young mother(In most cases...the father flees like a scalded dog...but some stay put mind you...).People brush if off by saying that they are careful and they use contraceptives...blah!! blah!! but the fact is that condoms work only 60% of the times and contraceptive pills are not fool proof.In the west it is acceptable to conceive a child before marriage but we should pay some respect to our Indian morals and not ape the west blindly.the biggest factor is WHAT WILL OTHER PEOPLE SAY??? Sadly it is a fact and some people have nothing better to do than to spread rumors and gloat at the other person's misery.Therefore the people supporting this side of the fence have some valid points indeed......

When I scroll back and read my blog once again to arrive at a consensus ...I simply cannot...Both the parties have valid points and both of them have major faults....It is just one of those things you cannot take by the horns and earn your matador's medal with.I am undecided and therefore declare that ...take sides after giving it a deep thought....because in the end if you FEEL it is probably is....and expertise on contraceptives does not mean that I have had practical experience....he he....Until the next time try to digest my grammatical errors and try to put up with them... So which side of the coin did you get???

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Just look at the picture above.... that's what Manchester United is all about.A superb red winning machine which has been in the past one year in one word... unstoppable...The Barclay's Premier League and the Champion's League firmly in it's kitty...the current squad looks every bit capable of regaining the magic double once again....but then one issue pops up CRISTIANO RONALDO.....Do you spot him in the picture above.Yes, he is there but not as an individual...but as a part of the entire Red Devil's squad.

I do not get what the brouhaha is all about??? Why is everybody at United going crazy over this Portuguese superstar??? Well, yeah! he was unstoppable last season...yeah! his free kicks were amazing and yeah! his accent is likable but he is a human being after all. Demi gods like David Beckham have been tempted away to Real why are we baying for his blood if he decides to quit Manchester United. Being a hardcore United fan myself, I can understand what the fans feel.But why all this talk about modern slavery and banishing him to the reserves??? He is after all a man of flesh and blood and the desire to play in a Spanish club tempts some of the world's best players.We should not grudge him his wish.It is his choice after all.Let us be the great Manchester United fans that we are and applaud him as the West Ham fans applauded Tevez and as we applauded Van Nistelrooy.Let us not in our moments of selfishness forget what contributions Cristiano has made to our club's great history.All said and done we do not even know whether he will be going to Real after all.Let us wish him a speedy recovery.

If Ronaldo does go, Manchester United will be short on ammo yes...but never on talent.Nani can be groomed to take up Ronaldo's role and with patience and hard training Fergusson might have a good team on his hands.With no new signings this season and with Giggs and Scholes retiring next season...we will have to replenish our bench strength and delve into the youth academy...after all we are the champions and once Rooney and Tevez find form,their partnership can be lethal.

Let us look forward to a season of triumph,a season of romance with English football and it's favourite child MANCHESTER UNITED. VIVA MANCHESTER......

The Flavour of the Month....WHO IS BATMAN AND WHO IS THE JOKER???

I was almost blown away by the buzz and hype surrounding THE DARK KNIGHT.The newspapers screamed about it,my friends were smoking through their heads and of course Hollywood was buzzing with the death of a potentially brilliant actor Heath Ledger.There were interviews of his co stars in the papers who raved about his work and said he deserved a posthumous Oscar. Bitten and stung by the curiosity bug I decided to give the movie a view. I was not too impressed with BATMAN BEGINS so I was a little circumspect but my friends dragged me by the hair to the theater so I had no choice.After seeing the film and emerging from the dark hall my first reaction was,"What a f***ing film!!! what a f***ing performance by Heath!!!". Honestly the film should have been named "THE RISE OF THE JOKER" but since nobody gives me a penny for my thoughts and the producers of the film are rolling in the profits,there is no use of my saying this.But....facts are facts...the Joker has overshadowed Batman in the film. If you may have the seen the Batman cartoons you will remember that the Joker is a crazy guy always cracking horrid jokes with a cruel smile on his stupid face,flashing his yellowed teeth and aiming gas bombs and exploding cards at Batman.THE DARK KNIGHT gives a whole new perspective on the Joker and a darker,crueler and murderous criminal emerges.

This brings me to the fictitious question ...who is the Batman??? who is the Joker??? first the Joker..... a murdering psychopath who has ripped his own cheeks with sharp blades to give himself an everlasting smile. The Joker is a suppressed individual who does not indulge in crime for a share of the spoils but because he enjoys the thrill of thwarting Gotham city's protector. His only and sole aim is to destroy Gotham's three pillars Batman,Inspector Gordon and District Attorney Harvey Dent.The manner in which he goes about his job is simply ingenious.He plants seeds of violence and seeds of selfishness in the minds of the people of Gotham and once he does so...the three heroes are helpless.30 million people cannot be controlled by three and in the end the Joker wins.....Batman flees the city and is hounded by the police,Gordon is a wreck and Harvey Dent turns two face and then dies.Some of his lines are classics such as "Did your balls drop off or somethin???"(while addressing the Gotham Mob) "Do you know how I got these scars???" "Hello beautiful!!!" "WHY SO SERIOUS???" "You complete me" (To Batman) "You wont kill me out of some misplaced sense of self righteousness and I wont kill you because you are t0o much fun!!!"(To the Batman) "Chaos is like push and you go over the edge..." " Do I look like somebody with a plan??Schemers make plans.I DO things" "Can I make a phone call???".
I salute the late Heath Ledger. A truly masterclass of a performance. I feel so sorry for him. We all have a bit of the Joker in ourselves....a part filled with craziness,filled with mercilessness, filled with the desire to stand out...Somebody might say that Jack Nicholson was the better joker but I say that the two can never be compared.The joker in here as opposed to the earlier one does not care for money. He cares about giving Gotham,"The class of criminals it deserves!!!".Superb!!!! He kills with a knife just to savor his victim's pain and oh yes!!! you just cant trust him...

Now about the Batman.....

Was he there in the film at all??? oh yes he was...The only cool thing about him was his batpod,his stunts and his disguised voice.......sorry Batman...I will leave you for some other time because the Joker has captured my imagination (NO NO!!! I am not an aspiring criminal!!!)

I would strongly urge you to see the film.....because after a long time there comes one which is overflowing with emotional resonance and full of fine haunting performances.....If not just watch it for the stunts....May Heath's soul rest in peace....Until the next time I blog........."WHY SO SERIOUS???"..... and pardon me for any grammatical errors....