Thursday, March 26, 2009


ZEPHYR 2009 is finally over and I am feeling the pangs of loss....I am missing the atmosphere of room number A -316 and every time I pass the door to our cell, I turn out of instinct and bump into the locked door :) It has become a ritual over the past 2 weeks to wistfully smile and continue up the stairs and enter my lecture room for a change :)

What can I say about my family ??????

About some of the best friends I have made over a period of three months......

About people, whom I know will have my back covered, will support me, who will never forget what we shared, who will laugh at my lousy imitations and who will always be a phone call away....

I will get down to thanking all my friends who made me breathe during the past three months....

Abhishek Patil : I have found a brother in you. Thank you so so much for advising me on how to go about my studies, thank you for telling me that girls are not worth all the pain we guys go through even though you are screwed up yourself and both of us are floating on the same boat :) .. Thank you for all those memorable sponsorship trips,where we covered the length and breadth of Mumbai and I observed your "lucrative offers" :) Thank you for the double trip to Siddhivinayak and the introduction to Bhajji Pav :) Love you brother, I will be there for you always :) Just return the shorts which you borrowed from me :)

Kameshwar K Kaza (extreme left) : Man, you have all my respect and all my admiration...How could you stay so calm and focussed even in pressure cooker situations? You rarely lost your cool, you always encouraged us, indulged us and made sure that we were like one big family. Zephyr 2009 was more 'we' than 'us' and a majority of the credit goes to you for achieving it.
Thank you for educating me on are my guru and I am forever indebted :) Thank you for letting me be your main anchor and telling me that "The stage is all yours, go handle it !!! " will never know how much confidence these words infused in me...Thank you for saving my ass on numerous occasions and being there when I wanted you to save it :) I have so much to say but I am running short of are are the coolest Cultural Secretary our college has ever produced..... period :) A big hug for my elder brother :)

Rakesh Teja : (extreme right) You taught me how not to take out my anger on people who have nothing to do with it. Its a valuable lesson and I have taken it to heart. You my brother, are a focussed genius :) Thank you for lending us your laptop on our sponsorship trips, thank you for all the nights that you stayed up and made sure that our flexes, banners, walls, posters and shirts echo with the true spirit of Zephyr. I have nothing but respect and love for the most creative person in the entire Zephyr team.... We want you for this year as well (Clear your 4th year..... and give us an appointment for next year :) )

Saurabh Joshi (The sweaty guy with the dhol :) ) : My most passionate friend and brother in the entire Zephyr team. You have spent every nerve, sinew, blood droplet and ounce of fat in your body to take Zephyr to new heights. I can actually call you my Zephyr mentor because life at Zephyr started with knowing you :) Thank you for being so patient with an upstart and volatile person like me :) Dont worry brother, we will nurture the plant which you so carefully planted. Your words will always be with me :) We will definitely have Euphoria on stage next year, that is my promise and I will remember your 2 golden words for a long time to come "MC ":)

Krithiga AKA Amma : She is the most adorable person I came across in the Zephyr team...She is my second mother :) and one of most warmest individuals around. Thank you for caring about me, listening to all my problems (mostly love related ones ) Thank you for bearing with the stubborn and rude SOB that I am :) Thank you for flashing that warm smile even in the face of adversity. It gave me so much courage at times. You will go places my second Mom...Do not forget to call me to your wedding :) Beat your husband up as regularly as you can :) and try to miss me ...because I will miss you a lot..You are truly my heroine for Zephyr 2009 because you worked your socks off and gave it everything that you have. You have my respect for that...Shine in life and keep smiling :)

Shruti Pathak (extreme left) : You are the most energetic member of our group, or rather should I say, the boy of our group :) Thank you for the double tiffins :) They were yummy and always satisfied me to the core :) Thank you for sharing so much with me, for all the appointments that you fixed, for all the "You are looking very pretty" times that we shared :) ,for all the "it's ok" sentences that you passed on....Thank you for being you, bubbly.....and smiling (with the occasional headaches and mood swings :) ) . Take care Shruti and keep smiling that warm smile :)

Usha AKA Toto :) (to my left) : Where do I begin about my youngest sister?? :) The baby of our group :) One look at her told me that I wanted to adopt her as my younger sister. She is cute, bubbly, adorable, warm, gullible and everything that one wants a sister to be...Thank you for those discussions about love :) about our love interests, our likes, dislikes and basically thank you for standing by me throughout Zephyr :) It really meant a lot to me....and I ll have you know that your elder brother will always be with you, protecting you and laughing with you :) Work hard this time and we will enjoy another Zephyr together :)

Rohit Pant ( Squatting down,left) : The Casanova and playboy :) The guy who told me that there were some girls out there who liked me :) (And I thought it was a distant dream, one that would be fulfilled in another billion years). You have everything going for you brother, you are smart, confident and hardworking. Just stay focussed and you will shine brilliantly :) Thank you for telling me that I need to dilute my intense look :) Will miss you brother :)

Nitesh Jha (Squatting down,right) : Our new cultural secretary :) Focussed, no non sense and determined. You have all my support for this time brother. Together we will make Zephyr, a force to reckon with. Thank you for coloring the toilet basins red with your pan masala eruptions and rendering "gulabi aankhen" wonderfully ,even with your mouth full of errr....things :)

Shomik Dasgupta (standing, extreme right) : Fuck you , you professional scoundrel :) You deserve a big hug and lots of admiration. You certainly have won mine, because you handled yourself with dignity and never got irked even though I made fun of you countlessly before our team mates. You are truly a patient individual and the amount and quality of work that you put in ,deserves plaudits. I may curse you on your face brother :) but I am always there for you and I know that I can trust you with my life... You are truly one of my best friends...Please take care of me :) I need your support and guidance and I hope that you do brilliantly in the near future :)

Rakesh Kamath (To the left of Shomik) : You really are a proper gentleman Rakesh :) Calm, proper, composed, disciplined and always good humored. It really was a pleasure working with you right from our EESA times :) Thank you for being the only guy besides Kaza and Joshi whom I haven't fought with in the Zephyr Cell. Take care brother :) You have a bright future ahead of you :)

Rahul Pathak (To the left of Rakesh) : You really are a funny man :) You can be so damn witty even without trying to..... Thank you for all the laughs that you provided us with, thank you for selflessly helping out, working hard, keeping us awake at night and being an elder brother for us third year students :) Will miss you bhai :)

Manas Agarwal (Extreme left) : You have to work hard this year brother, am entrusting you with the job which Teja has so splendidly performed. You have big boots to fill. But knowing your dedication and sincerity towards the job at hand, I think you will do a fair job :) Thank you for those countless Rs 100 loans ( I think I still owe you 100 bucks, but then what's money between friends ??? :) ). You are one of my oldest friends and I think I need not say anymore :)

Gourav Agarwal (Centre) : What do I need to say?? :) About you my brother :) I have shared countless dreams with you :) I will not say much now. You are a gem...Dont lose yourself. Let us work together and touch the stars next year.....I will write a book about you then...For now..continue to be one of my best friends :)

For Sonali, Sandesh, Mithun ,Yogesh ,Anuj and Kushal...........I do not have have your pics :( ....I promise to put them up as soon as I get my hands on them.... Nevertheless....

: The ultimate ultrasonic generator :) Thank you for being so patient with me and thank you for the numerous and countless appointments that you fixed up :) Looking forward to next year :)

Sandesh : Our able treasurer :) You worked really hard man. Your dedication is unmatched and the amount of work that you have done is laudable... "Bol bol why did you ditch me ???" :). Will miss you brother :) Can you stay back and help us with the cheques and sponsorships next year as well ??? :) You can still stamp the Zephyr IDS with same love and care you used this time :) All the best for your future brother :)

: You dastardly Liverpool fan :) You are hilarious brother....Looking forward to Zulu bars and intense looks the next year as well...Thank you for all those fun times...and the crap jokes :) WIll never forget them....You have a heart of gold :) Keep it :)

Anuj : Our house keeping incharge :) Kuchch mangaya hai kya ??? :) Looking forward to continuing our friendship and the Zephyr bond brother :)

Kushal : Another guy who worked his socks off...thank you for all the hard work that you put in....really appreciate your dedication and focucs :)

Yogesh : Great job with the website dude :) Need you next year as well :) Be prepared to scrub your ass :) and btw.... Thanks for the OSHO clip :)

ANNNNNDDDDDD I would like to thank my hosting team.....

Anisha Mule
: (BTW that is me yakking away during the debate :) ) You deserve all my attention Anisha. Thank you for being so sweet and understanding. I still feel so guilty about the countless number of times that I ditched you :) but then we managed to win the Debate this time around. I am proud of you :) We will try to win again next year as well :) and as for your hosting abilities :) there is nobody I would have liked to host MnM other than you cause seeing you there on stage comforted me :) You have improved by leaps and bounds and you really are a lovely individual...warm, funny :) , caring and fun to be with :) Stay this way....always :) and I promise you that there will be no further ditching and that I will always talk to you after removing both my earphones :)

Bageshree : I have always taken you for granted :) and told you to host events at the drop of a hat without prior information :) Thank you for being so sporting and taking up the challenge. You have done admirably well this year. You have improved consistently with each outing and I am very proud of you :) You are all ready for center stage next year :) Just remember to "lend me your ears" :)

Sonia Kulkarni : Last but not the least :) I come up with the ultimate beauty and the beast pic (I really am looking like an ugly vampire :) ) Hmmm... where can I start about you Sonia ?? :) I never quite remember how our friendship started but I treasure it. You dance fabulously well, you are our Miss Zephyr, you are improving with your hosting duties :) and your nervousness is slowly slipping away :) Stay focussed towards your GRE and your little black box full of words (I feel tempted to steal it :) ) and keep know that you have a priceless and lovely smile, right ?? :) Try to "play the football" :) and stay the lovely individual that you are... Thank you for trying to make me dance (I failed miserably though :) ) ....Looking forward to good times ahead :)...You are a multi talented are bound to shine :)

At the end of it all :) A big, warm thank you to all the above mentioned people :) Its been one heck of a ride and I think that all of us have come out winners :) Feeling emotional right now :) Too many memories :) God bless all of you ... Feel proud because we all are......ZEPHYRITES :)

Sunday, March 15, 2009


The time has now come to decide whether I am an utter fool or a fool who is utterly ridiculous. I am distracted to say the least. The past plays a very important part in my life and I am desperate to zone myself out of my historically mad annals. I am feeling childish again and my heart is throbbing with a sense of adventure and excitement that I had known several years back.

It's that old familiar feeling and I love it. I am impatient and befuddled all at once. I am looking forward to some particular time slices and I am warming myself up to the knowledge that I am falling down a deep well once more.

I am 3 posts away from a 100. Time has flown and I cannot help but look back in fondness upon my work. There are some great memories involved and I am nostalgic for more reasons than one :)

Until I have some fresh things to say.... I think that I will lie back and grab myself a sandwich or two :) Cheerz :)