A date with the Esquire....

There will be no candlelight...There will be no flowers...there will be no music :-) However you are welcome to invite me to a game of football later :-)

Q. What are you ??

A : A man who is a boy :-) and in form always :-)

Q. Is that your ego speaking ??

A : I am my ego :-) You are speaking to me right now :-)

Q.  How would you describe your life upto now ?

A : In 4 pictures :

Q. Your Inspiration ?

A :  Four People :

1. My father: Ashok Chatterjee...he is no  more..the perfect man.
2. My mother: Tuhina Chatterjee...my reason for being successful in my own small way
3. My younger brother : Ayan Chatterjee...my son 
4. Deepika : the reason why life is so positive and worth living. 

Q. Your favourite colour ?

A : White...the purity and crispness (in shirts) appeals to me...

Q. Your favourite outfit ? 

A : Blue jeans, White Shirt and a jet black blazer.... (and .......a pair of nike sneakers...white n gleaming).

Q. Your best male buddy ?

A: My younger brother and Sitanshu Pandey..

Q. The lady in your life?

A : Deepika :-) She is my inspiration and my strength :-) (P.S : After my mom though :-D )

Q. Your favourite sport ?

A : Football....and Manchester United .. the reason for my mood swings...

Q. Your opinion about music ?

A : Music is as important to me as wearing undergarments while moving out,as indispensable as my iPhone and as dear to me as a chocolate brownie with vanilla ice-cream. My favourite musicians are people who touch my soul.

Q. Food ?

A : Pass me the bowl of chips please....

Q. TV and Movies ?

A : TV : The Mentalist, Big Bang Theory, Seinfeld, Friends, Sherlock
     Movies : Lord of the Rings, The Avengers, The Dark Knight, Star Wars, Sherlock Holmes and  everything rated above 7.5 on IMDB

Q. Your Philosophical ramblings ?

A : 1. Hustle, Loyalty and Respect (Thank you John Cena)
      2. Love can be cruel yet it is more beautiful than hurtful (thank you D :-) )
      3. Float like a butterfly, fart like a rhino and sting like a bee.
      4. Pay attention to the little things (for eg . if your girlfriend has worn a nose-ring/ring/ear-ring)
      5. Be good...that is the secret to being great :-)

Q. Do you love reading ?

A : More than peeing , which is a relief for you :-) ..

Q. Why do you call yourself the Esquire ?

A : I believe I am a Shepard of words and I am responsible for their well-being..plus..it adds a touch of class :-) now...clean my shoes ...hahahahahahahahahaha

Q. So you are a stuck up, pretentious , idiotic, bugger ? 

A : Genius, committed, unconventional, power-house... You stand corrected :-)

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