Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Statutory Warning : Laughter is subject to your mood. Please check your bladder, patience level and phone for messages before investing (your time !!! )


When you are singing "You and I, in this beautiful world" and skipping on the green grass under the blue skies with your smartphone :-) , you are surely suffering from the IIFOV (Internet is fun on Vodafone) Syndrome.

Internet on smart-phones and mid-tier phones has certainly opened up a plethora of engaging and exciting gateways that can transmit you to worlds full of music, videos, news, games and lot more.... With the advent of 3G in India, "Munni" can be "badnaam" and "Sheila" can be "jawaan", not only on the multiplex screens/TV/Desktops , but also on the smart-phone of a Bollywood music connoisseur who is travelling from Vashi to Bandra via AC bus :-)

Here is how, in all actuality, according to me , Internet on Vodafone is fun , because Internet on Sadda (Read : my) Phone, works best with Vodafone :

  • We all know how much fun , the Big Fat Indian Wedding is....Sweat, Fire, Laddus and Loose Dhotis aside, a wedding in the family, is one hell of an event. My girlfriend's sister attended her brother's wedding live from Los Angeles via Skype...The element that streamed the happy pictures from the Himalayan Republic to Uncle Sam's backyard, was an iPhone 4, dutifully carted around by relatives to capture the action over Vodafone's robust 3G network that penetrated even the the underside of the buffet table (where the groom's shoes were hidden) . She witnessed everything first hand and even tried to touch her brother's face, carried away by all the emotions.(After some time she realised that it was futile because it was actually the PHONE she was touching). She laughed and cried and had the most memorable time.

  • I booked a movie ticket for the most kickass movie in recent times..Avengers (!!!!!), in my boss's cabin via the Book My Show app and availed the Vodafone Tuesday Movie discount offer, while my other colleagues were engaged in activities like nose digging, bird watching and throat clearing...I then came outside, downloaded the Movie trailer while I poured myself a coffee from the vending machine, downloaded "Temple Run" while I bent down to tie my shoe-laces and asked my girl-friend out for the movie over "WhatsApp" the time I reached my cubicle...Now this is serious fun :-)

  •  Challenged the big, beefy co-worker (who was stealing credit for all my work) to a bout of Modern Combat 2 over our iPhones and derived every bit of the sadistic pleasure that was on offer, as I slaughtered his army with a ruthlessness that is only reserved for Hide n Seek biscuits (when they fall prey to my cruel stomach on a late night snacking mission). I laughed my head off maniacally for the next few weeks whenever he crossed my cubicle... only to see him whimper with terror and resentment.

  • Created my slides for this post using my phone, uploaded them to my Picasa Web Album over Vodafone's wonderful network with superior uplink capabilities, poked two absconding friends on Facebook, commented on Manchester United's abysmal performance on Twitter and engaged in a verbal duel with my friends...(so much so, that our abuses would have given Queen Elizabeth a heart-attack and would have driven a stake into the heart of Shakespeare in his grave), downloaded this beautiful song that I heard on the radio (while I waited for my Maggie to cook ), emailed my friend some long-pending stuff and checked out a new shop to buy Manchurian Masala from (cause according to my mom, our local grocer was ripping us off !!! the Blasphemy !!! ) using Location Based Services ...and finally streamed the episode of "Bade Achche lagte Hain" so that my Mom could be at peace after having missed it the previous day (cause she was threatening make me wash my stale pile of used clothing right away !!!)

  • And finally (phew !!!), I used Mobile Banking to transfer money to my mom's account , used "WhatsApp" to inform her that my Brother's tution fees for the next semester was now aggregated (only to hear her bless me :-) ), shot a picture of the local lassi wala and tagged my friends in it, only to have them arrive at the location within the hour and create fond memories of our entire group sporting "lassi moustaches" (which was uploaded as our Cover picture on Facebook soon-after), looked up a couple of emergency quotes for a toast at a friends wedding (THANK YOU GOOGLE !!!) and found my way home after looking up the BEST bus timings (GOOGLE !!! I AM A FAN !!! MARRY ME !! ) and plonking myself in the home-ward bound AC Bus.....

Now, that is why I think "Internet Over Vodafone" is good, great and serious fun. I 'd love all my readers to spare a few more seconds and have a dekko at the slide show below. In my own mad, funny (read : pathetic) and innocent (yeah right !!! ) way, I ll try and end with some of Ravi Shastri's favourite dialogues that have been moulded to suit this post.... 

" Internet over Vodafone...has travelled like a tracer bullet. They have the license to go the full monty here and THEY HAVE DONE IT !!!! Ten Dosas and Uttapams to you , Vodafone !!!! " :-)

If you want to ignore whatever I have written and try to sue me in court for indecent "expo...." oops !!! I meant ...indecent promotion, I suggest that you go to and confirm the truth in my blabberings. Here's power to you :-)

Thank you Vodafone and thank you, Deepika Shrivastava :-)

Cheers and Ciao...

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Internet is fun on Vodafone - Courtsey : Vodafone


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subtlescribbler said...

hey, pretty innovative post i must say. and the clipping in the end was cheery on the cake :D
liked it..good luck to u!

Abhik Chatterjee said...

Thank you :-) I am glad that you liked it...Feels good when someone likes your work (A rarity nowadays lol !! )