Friday, May 4, 2012


I am back :-) After a long hiatus :-) The intermediate time space was wonderful. I enjoyed my blog-less sabbatical like an archaeologist who has stumbled upon a new Raptor fossil.

I made a few acquisitions in the  interim ... notedly an iPhone and...its grown up cousin...the iPad. As a concerned device parent, I immediately began my search for a suitable bride that would transform my gadgets into powerful Jedi Knights (I am on an exaggeration trip here, so, please bear with me :-) )

 Since I am a stickler for quality, I stick with Vodafone for most of my telco needs...And even in this regard, I consume their internet data packs at a frenzied pace, faster than rabbits can multiply (Thank you, Navjot Singh Siddhu :-) ) Mostly it is the Rs 99 for 1GB of data, pack, that I go for...It more than covers my browsing and entertainment needs...

The thing about Vodafone that makes me so loyal to the brand is the plethora of services that they provide in an encapsulated customer-delight centric package. That is what makes Internet over Vodafone fun :-)
Since the entire country has jumped onto the 3G bandwagon, one cannot but feel tempted to be a part of the revolution...and I more than count on the Zoozoo masters for my 3G needs. Fast, dependable and excellent..Vodafone 3G is a class apart from other operators.. 

I ll now cut to the chase and talk about the benefits, like Gandalf the Grey talks about "Frodo Baggins" :-) 

1. I gave my old Nokia smart phone to my mom (who after hours of vehement protests regarding her inability to handle "such a big phone" , conceded defeat and accepted my offer) and set her up with one of the applications that is creating such a huge ripple across the app space... "Whatsapp" !!!! Now my mother is online 24 x 7 and keeps me updated about her work (she is a librarian) by sharing pictures of her workplace and sends me recorded audio notes that consist of scoldings to make me eat on time and dire warnings that keep from speeding home on my bike. 


Plus add to it, my football friends who keep pinging me whenever their damned clubs have triumphed against Manchester United or my female friends who send me pictures of the "pretty pair of shoes on sale" that they happened to stumble across in the mall :-)

In essence, I feel like a spider, sitting at the centre of my web, that entangles all my near and dear ones...whenever someone quivers..I can feel the tremors :-) Sounds kinda gross, doesn't it? But I hope you get the picture (I can imagine the language purists going , "Ermmm ... no...we dont get it" ) 

Vodafone's Connectivity and download speeds makes downloading apps a breeze.....It might seem to be a very generic and boring use-case...but trust me, it is so much easier to instantly download the app onto your device if a friend recommends their favourite game or app during a hang-out session.Football scores, Cricket Scores, News and blogs are now much easier to access...

For eg. After watching an episode of "The Big bang Theory", I downloaded this "Whipcrack" app, that is a fun tool to use when you want your colleagues to pay attention. All you have to do is jerk your hand (holding the phone of course) in a whip-like motion..and you will be the proud producer of the most authentic whip sound ever produced by a digital device :-) Its kinda fun to wield the whip (if you know what I mean :-) )

2. Where would the world be without Angry birds?? or games like Temple run ??

Using Gamecenter, I can post my scores online and have the satisfaction of beating my friends (evil cackle)

3. I simply could not write a post based on this topic without including : 

As I am a Facebook addict and my posts and status updates are as important to me as a drug addict's little box of cocaine, the internet on my phone gives me the power to be online and be socially-virtually present all the time :-) I am sure this is one of the major benefits that everybody enjoys... Posting pictures and sharing them is quick and fast, thanks to Vodafone's superior uplink network.

This coupled with sat-nav, GPS and photo-tagging are some of the services that I frequently use whenever I am on foot or exploring. They are extremely useful tool to possess if you are in an unknown location and if you suffer from the I-AM-PAINFULLY-SHY-AND -I-CANT-ASK-RANDOM-STRANGERS-FOR-DIRECTIONS syndrome.

4. Now when it comes to Videos :-) I have a hobby for creating music videos and poetry recitals ( I am a straight Poetry lover :-) ) ... (Find me on youtube@superabhik).. Sharing Videos over Facebook and email becomes a treat...Getting reviews and comments from my friends about my videos is so much more easier...Catching the latest trailers and clips on Youtube is convenient and a great way to pass time (when you are travelling in AC buses with an hour to kill). The streaming quality is superior thanks to Vodafone's strong GSM coverage.

5. Accessing E-mails and responding to them has become one of my most favourite features on my phone. What's the big deal about it? :-) Let me explain....
It is ok if you are using a common email service provider like Gmail, but when you are using an exclusive office mail client like IBM Lotus Notes, the scenario takes a 360 degree phase shift. Having a permanent internet connection and a Lotus application means that I can access my office mails any-time and anywhere...and can promptly reply much to the chagrin of my office mates who can only access their mails only via their office desktops....It is also a lot of fun to reply to mails, late at night, and poke fun at your friends by telling them that you stayed back late ;-D

I realize that my points are now progressively getting generic and boring and might be putting my readers to sleep...therefore, I will present my last and most touching point :-) (I am a shameless sympathy gainer ;-) )

6. One of my very good friends who went abroad to study, stumbled upon me by happy accident recently (No, he HATES FB [unbelievable !!!]  ). This happened via an app called Draw Something (Yes, I suffer from OCAUD- Obsessive Compulsive App Using Disorder :-D ). My friend, who has an iPhone as well, was using the app, when he asked the system to find him a random opponent for a game. The system then delved into its database and selected me as an opponent (Yayyyyy !!!! ) Nowadays, we play almost a couple of hours a day and I have had the chance to ask him for his e-mail address. I love happy endings :-) (I am sounding like a girl in pink shoes now !!!! )

Internet over Vodafone is the perfect match for my mobile device...I have my family and friends near me, my favourite apps..a couple of swipes away and a host of services that make my day a lot and naughtier :-)

PS : I happen to have a Vodafone connection by coincidence..Go to  and find out how you can be a happy father/mother-in-law to your mobile device and the internet :-) 

CIAO :-)

This post has been submitted as a part of the "Internet is fun" contest powered by Vodafone and Indiblogger.


The Fool said...

Nice informative post. That whip sound application was new to me. I must download it. Best of luck for the contest.

Abhik Chatterjee said...

Thank you :-) Same to you too :-)

sush said...

Liked the way you began...

Abhik Chatterjee said...

@ sush : I improved upon this post :-) do read

and let me now if you liked it overall :-)
Thanks :-)